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Kamal Name Meaning, Origin, History and Personality

Meaning of Kamal

Etymology: Beauty, perfection


Origin :

Reserved and secret, Kamal He is a character who does not always follow the traditional ways. Original, or sometimes marginal, gives the impression of being insensitive and distant, while in reality it is shy and restless. When he feels at ease, he is friendly and open. Eclectic, it has, like icebergs, a large hidden part. So, sometimes he is smiling, light, mocking, seductive, passionate about soccer or tennis, apparently easy and without complications. Then, a while later, he becomes a serious character, reasoning, reflective, much deeper and more serious than we could have thought. In him there are days when, extroverted, playful, he shows himself hurry or impatient, enthusiastic, tempted by pleasures and amusements, and those in which, introverted, asocial, seeks solitude, to take stock, meditate or think. KamalHe is a sensitive being but he tends to hide his vulnerability after a more or less ironic smile. The half-bitter, half-caustic observations come out more easily than the tender words. Humor is often his escape valve. That is why it is impenetrable in the eyes of those around him, even more so considering that, interested in what comes out of the ordinary, it is he who cultivates the mystery. He is curious and prefers to listen to others, who judge more interesting than him. Kamal is in fact a rationalist, of scientific spirit. However, he has a great intuition, if he takes the trouble to listen to it, he will have beautiful surprises. As a child, KamalIt can be double. On the one hand he is very curious, mobile, awake and can even be a little unstable or versatile (especially if he was born a 5, 14, 23, in May or if he has a way of life 5). The other facet, often more important, is in the sense of reflection, of interiorization, of isolation (especially if a 7, 16, 25 was born in July, or if it has a way of life 7). Then, we must allow him to live these two polarities, favoring games of reflection (chess, computer science) and sports. You also have to listen to it and encourage it to communicate, without which, between 9 and 16 years old, it could fall back into its ivory tower.

What do you like? 
Although he does not always give the impression, Kamal is a tender and affectionate one who seeks society, the life of two. If you live your interior number in 11, you will be the leader of the couple. He will tend to take charge of others, with whom he will be friendly and on whom he will exercise a certain ascendant. If he lives in 2, he will seek help, understanding, support, and will be much more dependent on the beings he loves. In love, Kamal will be conciliatory, charming and very insightful, although not always demonstrative.
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What does?

They will be able to agree on several orientations, and it would not be unusual for them to change, since they are not protected from rethinking. It will tend towards technical, specialized or cutting-edge professions, those related to counseling, or mobile professions and those that require manual skills ...

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